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Cat Talk with Jackson Galaxy
Pet Friendly Apartments, but not Bark Friendly
Your Dog Bit the Pet Sitter! Now What?
Grey Cats are Often Blue


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Cat Talk with Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy on New Season of “My Cat From Hell”

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (04-22-2017) #521: 

Jackson Galaxy, also known as the Cat Daddy, talks about the new season of his television show “My Cat From Hell” and reveals that he and his wife have 11 animals, including his beloved outdoor cat “Eddie of the Night” (who refuses to come indoors), and their dog Pasha, who his wife (who is from Iran) insisted they bring to the U.S. and give a home because he was an Iranian street dog who was hanged (just short of death), a video of which was put up on social media; 

Pet Friendly Apartments, but not Bark Friendly

Pet Friendly Apartments, but not Bark Friendly 
Beth Pasek
Recently in your apartment complex you may have received a notice regarding ‘barking dogs.’  You quickly take a stern look at your lovable pooch and think, “Fido never barks that much when I am home.  Surely they can’t mean MY DOG.”  Lots of things change though the moment you walk out the door. 

·         Your dog may fuss and cry for about 20 minutes and then settle down for the rest of the day

Your Dog Bit the Pet Sitter! Now What?

This is an important post for anyone considering a new pet sitter or dog walker.  Any pet can 'bite' at anytime.  Most often it comes from a fear reaction of the sitter or dog walker.  While we do our pawsdown best to prevent such situations, they do occasionally happen.   

What would you do if your pet sitter was bit?  Who pays the bill?  What do you do if your pet sitter doesn't have Worker's Compensation?  

This is one of the big reasons I sought to go with employees for The Finicky Feline & Fido, LLC.


Loose Leash Walking

Article By: Victoria Stilwell,

Contrary to popular belief, dogs that pull on the leash while being walked do not want to be pack leader, top dog, alpha, or dominant over their human. There is a much simpler explanation: dogs love to be outside, and the walk is a stimulating and exciting part of their day, so the desire to push ahead is very strong.

A leash, though vital for safety, can also be frustrating for a dog, because being 'tied' to a person essentially stops a dog’s ability to act naturally.

Grey Cats are Often Blue

blue cats, grey cats, cat sitterI recently had a visit with client about her new cat.  The shelter had the cat marked as a Russian Blue Mix.  The visit with the client went very well and I was well entertained by her new feline friend.  Bright eyed and full of energy she was busy going from window to window, climbing and seeking out high places, even considering climbing the wooden blinds.  A young, healthy cat can be a handful at times as I watched her attempt to dance across the fireplace mantel. 

Our conversation soon turned to the pedigree queation.

Finicky Feline & Fido Receives 2016 Best of Berea Award

Press Release
Finicky Feline & Fido Receives 2016 Best of Berea Award
Berea Award Program Honors the Achievement

BEREA September 17, 2016 -- Finicky Feline & Fido has been selected for the 2016 Best of Berea Award in the Pet Sitting and Boarding category by the Berea Award Program.

A Pet Sitter, is a Pet Sitter, is a Pet Sitter, Right?

The world of pet sitting is evolving much like the rest of the world.  Some of it for the better and some of it for the not so much better.  Technology often puts things in front of us and makes them available to us at the push of button on the screen, or a tap, or a swipe of an app.  When it comes to technology making our lives easier, it is important that one keeps in mind the safety and well being of those things in life we care about and love. 

Recently in Oakland, California 

Prolonging Life

Atlas is having a good morning today.  He is in what is known as Hospice Care, and for full disclosure this patient/client is my own big, orange, fluffy guy.  I have had the great honor to care for pets in all stages of life and even help those at the end of life.   It is this, "end of life" event I wish to blog about this morning as I have more than just Atlas on my mind.  You see, this past week two of our dogs in the daily dog walking line-up...are suspected of having Cushing's Disease.

Talking to an Animal Behaviorist?

What to expect when you ask to speak to the behaviorist
Beth Pasek
Owner of The Finicky Feline & Fido, LLC

Some days I can seem downright pushy, mean, bossy, and I have even been called rude or disrespectful. Go ahead and bash away to your hearts content, I am a big girl and I can take it. For your cat’s sake, I have to take it. Often times when contacting an animal behaviorist it means putting aside all your bias about your pet. It does mean putting aside all the anthropomorphizing of their behavior and being objective.

Two Big Factors to Keep in Mind During Cold Weather (Dog)

Our area is about to experience its first extended arctic cold in several decades.  In fact, most pets will have never experienced this type of cold before they were not alive yet back in 1994.  So let's review what extra special steps to take to help them stay safe through this arctic chill.

First and foremost let's talk about the damage this type of cold can cause and how fast it can happen.  Two things to watch out for are frostbite and hypothermia.  

Frostbite on the paws is actually rare, what generally happens on the paws are salt burns, excessive drying, ice balls, and some dogs paws may crack and bleed.
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