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Structured Dog Walking
Bay Village, Berea, Fairview Park, North Olmsted,
Olmsted Falls, Rocky River, and Westlake
$19 per visit Monday through Friday
Requires training sessions with owners to establish techniques being used and evaluate overall progress.  (complimentary).
Structured walks are designed into the daily 30 minute visit. These particular walks work on the 5 key components of a great dog walk.  Most clients notice an improvement within the first two weeks. At a solid 4 weeks of training most dogs are well on their way to being great walking companions.
My techniques are food reward, life reward, and clicker/cue training. I do not condone the use of prong collars, shock collars or chokers. Head halters and walking harnesses may be recommended depending on the dog. The goal of the structured walk is to teach your dog their whole reward world revolves around whoever is holding the leash.   
I love my dog walkerI just wanted to let you know that Buddy and I just went for a 4 mile walk- it was the most ...
~~Denise Patay, Olmsted Falls, Ohio
More testimonials are available here and on our blog!
Frequently Asked Questions:
My Dog Walker works with my dog on leash manners, what makes your structured dog walking so different?
Our structured dog walking program is designed to help your dog not only obey, but learn to be a great dog walking companion.  We do this through the use of clickers, food, and shaping cues.  Over the past few years I've run into several folks who have worked with other training styles with little to no success.  When we have your required complimentary training session and we evaluate the cues your dog needs,  it is like a lightbulb goes on for both the owner and dog.  After that it is often a few days to several weeks and you are both happily on your way!  Praise is good, food is fast, the "clicker is quicker," and knowing when to deliver the cue changes the whole learning curve! 
What is the goal of structured dog walking?
The goal of the structured dog walk is to create a pleasant walking experience for you and your dog.  If your dog pulls, does not respond to on leash recall, wants to walk everywhere where you are not, and you consider taking your dog for a walk a nightmare, chore, or something you avoid at all costs; then giving your dog the gift of a structured dog walk can change all of that for you and for him.  
What are your rates?
The Finicky Feline & Fido LLC team are committed to providing the best service to our clients and their pets. Our passion for dogs and excellent service are unparalleled.
30 minute Structured dog walk – $19.
Add a dog to any walk – $5 per dog. 

Payments are due at the beginning of each month.
"Beck & Call" service is not eligible for discounts. 

20 visits per month = 10% discount.
Client Comments: 
Rocky, Dog Walking Client
It was like somebody flipped a switch on him!    ~~Rocky's Mom, Westlake, Oh 
(This came after having worked with a trainer and been told to rehome their 7 month old puppy.  We are so very happy for Rocky that the situation is looking so much better for him and his loving family!)
Oscar Dog Walker
I didn't know my dog could do that?~~Oscar's Mom, Westlake, Oh 
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